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Herrera & Associates, CPA is an accounting and consulting firm with a division focused on providing "CPA quality contract staffing" to organizations in San Diego County and throughout California.

As a CPA with 25 years serving organizations in California, I am passionate about helping to improve the financial position of local agencies and the long-term fiscal sustainability of City organizations that deliver vital public services to our communities.

Raising the professionalism and competence of accounting and financial reporting services of local governments is critical to preserve them as going concerns and for effective budgeting of local resources. As the saying goes, "accounting is the engine that drives the budget". Thus, without accurate, timely, relevant, and consistent accounting within City books, it is impossible to achieve the City's goal of effective budgeting in local government.

Call me today to discuss how to improve the financial accounting and fiscal health of your City.

Our Founder

Herrera & Associates, CPAs was founded by John Herrera, a CPA and City Finance Director with 25 years municipal experience. John Herrera has helped many Cities clean up their books and establish financial accounting systems under the lean budget concept. Noteworthy is John's fiscal leadership as Finance Director of Pico Rivera, helping the City enhance the tax revenues in its General Fund by 25%, raising revenues by over $7 million annually at a time when most Cities were experiencing budget deficits. Call the City Council members in Pico Rivera to learn more about how John Herrera, CPA and his team of municipal accounting professionals assisted the City in achieving fiscal health and long run fiscal sustainability for this Los Angeles organization. It would be an honor to serve your City as well.

John Herrera

John Herrera, CPA
Management Consultant
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