Finance Manager

In some Cities, the finance officer holds the title "Finance Manager" because the Finance function is not a Department. Instead, Finance is a "division" under the Administrative Services Department, similar to Human Resources, Information Technology, and Risk Management. However, in most instances, the Finance Manager of a City could well serve as the Finance Director for the organization.

Herrera & Associates recommends that the finance officer position in any City be at the "department head" level to help ensure an effective internal control framework for the organization, as well as allow the finance officer to carry more "clout" in upholding the fiscal stewardship of the organization with other City Departments. However, we recognize that some organizations do not want to recognize the finance officer as a department head and therefore we offer municipal organizations professionals at the Finance Manager level is so desired.

Call Herrera & Associates for an interim or permanent Finance Manager for your organization. We are very familiar with the reasons for the need for this position and have associates who would be happy to serve your City in this capacity.