Evaluation of Financial Condition

Preparation and implementation of an accurate City budget is a great management tool that monitors revenues and expenditures each fiscal year. However, the budget is only valid if it is tested against the City's balance sheet and cash flow statement analysis and monitoring.

Equally important is the preparation of municipal economic indicators which can provide benchmarks against other, similar muncipal organizations to provide your City an evaluation of the "relative" financial condition of your organization.

There is corollary value to the preparation of a study and report evaluating your City's financial condion, which is of course, prepared in accordance with predetermined variables, definitions, and economic indicators.

All stakeholders can benefit from having an independent consultant prepare and present a management report that presents the relative financial condition of your organization.

An important component of our Evalution of Financial Condition report are the prospective financial statements which provide a multi-year financial and cash flow projection for use in the preparation of future budgets. Multi-year projections can also serve useful to your City's fiscal and budget policies, especially as you launch next year's budget implementation.

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