Overview of Services

Herrera & Associates is a CPA firm that specializes in providing a full range of fund accounting, cost accounting, grants accounting and reporting, budgeting, fee & charge studies, and related accounting and consulting services.

As you can see at left, we cover the majority of the accounting services needed by Cities and other local government organizations.

Many Cities have had to pay back "General Fund" dollars due to grant awards which were improperly accounting for in their CIP funds or budgeted incorrectly.

Many Cities are at risk of losing millions in development impact funds, grant award monies, RDA reimbursements from the Department of Finance (DOF) in California, or other funding sources simply due to poor accounting and reporting.

RDA work with the State DOF in California has been inconsistent and has required consistent, strong accounting analysis and reporting. Cities are having to be proactive with the DOF to support Recognized Obligation Payment Schedule (ROPS) information and to address any issues raised by the DOF that may jeopardize funding reimbursement for key projects, resulting in potential impacts to the City's General Fund.