Writing Purchasing Procedures & SOP´s

Herrera & Associates performs business process re-engineering (BPR) services for many municipalities. This allows your organization to implement purchasing procedures and standard operating procedures (SOP's) which provide for an efficient Department to improve customer service and best practices in carrying out the business of the Department.

Many Cities call other Cities asking "can we have a copy of your purchasing procedures?", thinking that they can simply plagiarize and/or modify another City's procedures for their own use. While this is a low-cost alternative, many organizations find that this option does not take into consideration the staffing levels or business processes specifc to their organization.

While it does require resources and time to write functional purchasing procedures and other SOP"s for your City Departments, the ROI (return on investment) is great, and will show that return in terms of better customer service, improved internal controls, and more efficient delivery of services from the Departments.

Call John Herrera, CPA today for a proposal and cost bid to perform this service for your City.