Year-End Closing & CAFR Preparation

Many Cities, especially smaller organizations, do not have the staff in their Finance Departments to allow them to timely close the books and prepare and publish their Comprehensive Annual Finance Report (CAFR).

If your City is behind in closing the books for the independent audit, call Herrera & Associates. We have strong Accountants who can carry the load of closing the books so you can have your books audited and issue the CAFR.

We can also perform the preparation of your City's CAFR together with closing the books or as a separate service.

Our services can be provided on a consulting basis, where John Herrera, CPA supervises the work, or on a interim staffing basis, where your City staff supervises our Staff Accountant(s).

Call John Herrera, CPA for a quote on our year-end closing and CAFR preparation services.