Finance Director  Virtual Services

 Teamwork with In-House Finance Staff.

For City Governments Across the USA!

Experienced City Director

Finance Directors are in short supply in 2023!

Our virtual Finance Director services leverage the experience of your in-house Finance staff to boost their productivity and job satisfaction.

Outsource your Finance Director needs to our CPA firm on a month-to-month basis.  

We know how overwhelmed your City Manager is when there's nobody to lead Finance. 

Why not try our "virtual approach to fiscal leadership on a trial basis?

Our virtual Finance Director services is helping organizations keep their Finance Departments running and their mission-critical fiscal services compliant to keep their City a going concern.

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Providing Temp Finance Staff While You Recruit.

Call us for temporary Finance staff!

Our CPA firm has experienced accounting professionals to assist you on a temporary basis while you recruit your permanent employee!

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Meet our team

Our municipal Finance Director Team is ready to serve you.

Call any of us if you would like to join our team!

John Herrera, CPA

CFO Recruiter

John is a CPA with 33 years experience in City accounting and finance.  He can lead your staff at all levels.  Email: [email protected]

Jessica Michel

Recruiter / Staffing Consultant

Jessica has two years experience working a 360 staffing desk, recruiting accounting professionals and matching them with the best organizations to advance their careers.  Email: [email protected]


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